The Outreach Program (Birth- 21)Outreach director works with small child
    Having a child with a serious disability can be one of the most challenging and stressful situations a parent can face.  But the experts of the Outreach Program can provide invaluable direction and assistance that empowers parents to address the future educational needs of their child.

    The Outreach Program offers a comprehensive developmental assessment provided on our Oakland campus free of charge to Pennsylvania families of children who are legally blind or have suspected blindness.  A qualified team comprised of a teacher of the visually impaired, occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech/language pathologist conduct a thorough, play-based evaluation of the child and then recommend appropriate activities to promote development. 

    Educational sessions and other consults are offered to help address issues relevant to rearing a child with a vision impairment.  When available, materials may be borrowed from our Lending Library.

    Fully funded by the School, there is no charge to families for these evaluations on our campus.  Children may be referred to the Outreach Program by physicians, health agencies, friends, therapists and other parents.  The Outreach Program headquarters are located in a delightful, specially designed suite at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children with convenient, on-site parking.

    For more information or to schedule an evaluation, call 412-621-0100 x 379 or 1-800-444-1897 and ask for Beth Ramella at the Outreach Program.

    Additionally, we are able to provide direct vision and/or orientation & mobility services for children birth to 21.