• Overviewstudent bowling on campus with staff member
    In addition to a rigorous functional life skills curriculum, enrolled students at the School enjoy a diverse array of socialization activities to promote interaction and enjoyment of community including the popular on campus “Creative Arts Series” which exposes students to a wide range of entertainers representing the fine, applied and performing arts. 

    To be certain our students have the same opportunities as their peers, students can take part in Boys or Girls’ Club, an annual holiday musical production, go to the prom and take part in field trips to Kennywood, Pirates games, museums and other popular attractions.

    Residential accommodations provide a home away from home for approximately one-third of our student population. Individualized student dietary services are provided, supervised by a staff nutritionist and featuring in-house food preparation. 

    The School provides ingenious opportunities for simulation of real life responsibilities and experiences. A full-scale on-site apartment is utilized to introduce adult living skills such as bed making, laundry and basic food preparation.  The immensely popular School general store known as “The Lion’s Den” is a venue where student workers learn basic vocational skills like running a cash register, pricing packages and greeting customers while shoppers apply math, communication and social skills.

    Within a culture of support, excellence and respect, our students are given every opportunity to reach their fullest potential.  We recognize the magnitude of our students’ entire family in the educational process.  The Parent Teacher Organization, popular Grandparent Express club and Sibshop program for our students’ brothers and sisters offer relatives a chance to socialize and learn from each other.