• Adult program student and teacher Graduation from our school at age 21 years old is bittersweet for our students and their families. For our most medically fragile graduates, choices for continued support and programming after graduation from WPSBC are extremely limited. 

    Overall, due to state funding cuts, finding acceptable and appropriate post-school placements for our graduates has become increasingly difficult.  To meet this community need, WPSBC established an adult day program, called “LAVI: Learning Adventures for the Visually Impaired,” in 2011.  The construction of such an initiative is unique among schools for the blind and we are proud to help provide vital services to an under-served audience with limited options.

    LAVI Program Overview:

    • Licensed Adult Training Facility (ATF) as of July 1, 2014. 
    • Service only graduates of WPSBC
    • Participant ages 21-59
    • Nurse with program all day
    • Program runs M-F,  9:00-2:00, 12 months a year on the Oakland campus of the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children
    • Wide variety of daily activities including crafts, games, vision room, gym, creative arts performances, vocational activities, movies, bowling, trips into Oakland and the on-campus food preparation suite.
    • Staff to participant ratio is 1:3.5
    • OT/PT/SLP consults to assist with splints, wheelchairs, AFOs, TLSOs, communication devices etc.
    For details on the School's Adult Program admissions policy, click here.
    For more information, contact Rachelle Rectenwald, Assistant Superintendent at 412-621-0100 or email rectenwaldr@wpsbc.org.