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    WPSBC educators recommend toys and objects that promote play and exploration to encourage skill development. 

    Product: Schedule symbols on foam stampers (like those from Amazon) adapted with handles of different sizes and shapes

    Submitted by: Rachel Sexauer, OT.  Handles fabricated with3-D printer by Molly Gildersleeve-Eads, Equipment Tech


          Daily schedule adapted with visual and/or tactile cues

    Colorations Super Stamper Mega Pack 80 pc.      

          Handles of various shapes and sizes.

          1-gallon bags 

    Sample Schedule:  White with Black Font

    Sample Schedule:  White background with Colored Font

         Sample Schedule:   Dark background with Red text

    Idea Description: 

    • Purchase several sets of the foam stampers.
    • Create a set of stampers for each student with adaptations to accommodate their personal abilities and needs.
    • Each set of stampers have symbols that correspond to things that are on the students' schedule.  The symbols are consistent between students.  
    • The handles are made so that they can be used between students by simply screwing the handle onto the corresponding piece that is glued onto the stamper. This method is especially useful if using heavier stamps.
    • Students can use the stampers in a variety of ways with their daily schedule. Ideas include:
      • Use the stampers to build their daily schedule either by stamping or by velcroing the stampers themselves onto the paper.  
      • Have the student create their schedule by brailling, keyboarding or writing.  Use the stamper as their daily schedule is reviewed.
      • Place the stampers on the schedule and have the student find the required symbol and place it beside the matching stamper.  
      • Can use the stampers in the morning to review and establish the daily schedule, as the student is following the schedule or even to create a note home to family to let them know what the student did during the school day.

     Examples Benefits and Suggested Adaptations: 

    • If the student does not have difficulty with glare, schedules can be placed in paper protectors and put together in a notebook.
    • Visually adapt both the schedule and the handles to help students to use their available vision.
    • Choose handles that students can actively grasp and release. 
    • Use inclines if this helps the student with fine motor skills or vision.
    • Can have students stand up during this activity to strengthen standing skills.
    • Schedule are often a helpful addition for student who are anxious or have difficulty transitioning between activities.  
    • Can combine the use of these schedules with the student's communication system. 
    • Work on matching by asking the student to match the symbol with pictures of the symbols
    • The student can also match symbols with words to work on literacy skills.  
    • Helping students to be positioned with their feet on the floor, as well as having thier arms supported will help many students to be able to use their hands and vision better.  If a student is working in their wheelchair it is best to use foot straps to maintain feet in a supported, neutral position.  In addition provide support at the pelvis and the trunk.


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