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    The educational and residential teams at WPSBC collaborate to create lessons and activities that are designed to maximize the impact on our special students with visual impairment. Their activities and lessons are the "gems" that help our students to shine and thrive.

    Idea: Move 'n Grove "Jump, Spin, and Run!" and Move 'n Groove "Off Your Wheels!" 

    Physical Therapist Sue Garrett-Sikora ran a bi-weekly, specially adapted enrichment programs for preschool-aged students called "Move 'n Grove".  Harley Matz, PTA and Laura Barbieri, PT have been working with Sue and since Sue's retirement, Laura has enthusiastically taken the reins of these groups.  

    Move 'n Groove "Jump, Spin and Run": Is a movement group designed for children who are visually impaired learners.  These children are up and about on their feet, seeking to expand their movement repertoire and learn through movement games.  They explore body and spatial awareness, and move to challenge balance and strength.  They have fun learning to move with partners, while joining in circles and in dragon-lines. The children have the opportunity to learn and play preschool movement games with their peers, including the children who attend WPSBC's childcare proram, A Child's View.  

    Move 'n Groove "Off Your Wheels": This movement group is designed for children who use strollers, wheelchairs, and walkers to have fun while learning.  They explore body awareness, body movements, the space around them and ways to move in that space.  At times, the children break free from “the wheels” to move and play on rugs and mats.  While at other times they use their wheels to explore and expand movement ideas. 

    In both groups the environment, props, games, and activities are adapted for maximum student participation and engagement. 

    Below are a few pictures of two of her classes called "Feel the Wind!"   

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