Vocational Skills Program
    Student worker smiling in school store Developed to help our students increase their overall ability for self-care and to promote independence, the School's Vocational Skills Program offers youngsters the chance to take part in several on-campus job opportunities. Jobs can focus on concepts like managing a schedule, transitioning from place to place, communication and social skills and how to deal with unexpected situations. Success is maximized as students partner with staff that is trained to address the impact visual impairments and other disabilities have in the workplace.

    On any given school day you can find boys and girls in almost every corner of campus working on assignments thoughtfully designed to reinforce goals and skill sets outlined in their individualized educational program while helping to contribute to the School’s daily functions.


    Perhaps the prime location for student vocation on campus is in the School’s retail store, the Lion’s Den, where workers canStudent working on cash register in school store be charged to greet customers, ring up purchases, stock inventory and price items.
    Customers stop in for coffee and snacks, buy items with the School's logo or conveniently pickup stamps, greeting cards or magazines.  As a school based enterprise, the store was conceptualized to help young people gain basic vocational skills. Tasks and equipment are adapted to compensate for the students' sensory deficiencies and challenges.
    No matter what the student’s level of ability, the staff at the School will creatively determine appropriate and meaningful activities for interested workers.