Family InvolvementStudent with grandparents
    The School recognizes the magnitude of our students’ entire family in the educational process.  Parents are invited to be partners in their child's education. From the child's first day of school until graduation, parents have many opportunities to exchange ideas with teachers and administrators. Guest quarters are available at no charge for parents who need to stay overnight in order to be part of the planning process for their child. Parent involvement takes many forms, including active communication with teachers through daily or weekly notebooks, phone calls and visits. Involvement by families is viewed positively by the entire School community.

    The WPSBC Parent Teacher Group is a service group that supports the School and its students through fund raising activity. Parents are also invited to campus to hear pertinent speakers during an informative luncheon.

    Many special events, such as Family Day and Open House, draw in not only parents but also the student's extended family. Programs known as SibShops are offered quarterly for the brothers and sisters of our students. Twice a year grandparents are invited to the campus to take part in Grandparent Express. These events offer relatives a chance to socialize and learn from each other.