Dietary Services
    Student eating with plate in front and teacher pointing at dish In addition to their visual impairment, our enrolled students have other complex medical and sensory conditions that can affect their ability to maintain a healthy diet.  Some kids can’t swallow normally or have restricted movements that make even lifting a fork to their mouth difficult.  Others have allergies, require feeding tubes or take medications that interact with food.  Many of our students who need a wheelchair for mobility don’t burn enough calories and gain weight easily; while some can’t seem to get enough calories to maintain their weight.

    The amount of considerations, adaptations and modifications necessary to safely feed all of our students can seem endless.  Mealtime is a collaborative, behind-the-scenes effort that includes goal setting, data tracking and support services that are meticulously planned and supervised by a multi-disciplinary team of educational, therapeutic, healthcare and dietary professionals.

    Dietary department in school kitchen Overseeing this intricately orchestrated process, the School’s Dietary Department staff serves up to three customized meals and two snacks daily for nearly 180 enrolled students. Not only must they adhere to strict federal and state guidelines, but they further tailor meals to address our unique youngsters’ needs, preferences and restrictions.

    Restricted Foods List
    The restricted foods list was developed to ensure the safety of WPSBC students during any food, mealtime or school related function. This comprehensive document must be followed at all times whether at school, on field trips or in the community. The Restricted Foods List, in conjunction with the students Individualized Mealtime Plan, is monitored by the SLP, OT and Nurse. Click here to access Restricted Foods List