A Message from WPSBC

Dear WPSBC Community,

I write to you this evening, heartbroken, and still trying to process the horrifying display of domestic terrorism that took place at our Nation’s Capitol on Wednesday of this week.  For our country, and for our students and all of you who serve and surround them, I am deeply saddened.  

I have been inspired by the ways we have come together as a school community over the past ten months.  I encourage everyone to continue to support each other through yet another terribly difficult time.  

The following resources may be helpful to you, your families, and your students. Parents are encouraged to contact school staff should they or their children require additional support or resources. Staff are encouraged to access the Employee Assistance Program www.lytleeap.com which provides counseling services for employees and their families.

National Association of School Psychologists 

Responding to the Insurrection at the US Capitol | Facing History and Ourselves

When Bad Things Are Happening 

Talking to Kids About the Attack on the Capitol

Supporting Marginalized Students in the Context of the 2020 Election: Tips for Parents (nasponline.org)

Supporting Marginalized Students in the Context of the 2020 Election: Tips for Educators (nasponline.org) 

Let us all be reminded by the statement below, rooted in our school’s core values, of what we stand for as caring members of the WPSBC community. In the days and weeks ahead, let us recommit to these values, on behalf of our country, our community, and most importantly, the children and young adults we are privileged to serve.


May you and yours be safe and well,


Dr. Heidi Ondek

Executive Director and Superintendent


"At the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, we respect one another and ourselves. We reject any form of racism, prejudice or discrimination. We believe racial equality is essential to excellence in education. We engage in courageous and compassionate conversations and actions. We collaborate to foster acceptance and strengthen human relationships. We celebrate diversity as we learn with and from others. We embrace peace, action, love, forgiveness and grace. We are WPSBC."