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In addition to our educational programs, our school offers expansive specialty classes and opportunities to foster our students’ unique abilities and interests. All specialty classes are geared toward the goals and objectives outlined in each student's individualized education program. Teachers thoughtfully create modified activities that are fun and successful, yet challenging and motivating for the student.

Learn more about the unique, hands-on experiences each of these opportunities provides:

Students benefit from specially tailored classes in the visual arts that are crafted to encourage skills development while instilling confidence and self-expression.

Rhythm, vocal and instrumental instruction assist students in improving listening skills, fine motor abilities, social skills and concept development.

Physical Education: Gym and Swim
Physical education classes in the gymnasium and adapted aquatics lessons involve challenging yet motivating physical activities that are modified for each student.

Horticulture Therapy
Our state-of-the-art, fully accessible greenhouse provides an ideal venue to learn, explore, and engage with horticulture therapy.

Vocational and Career Education Program
Developed to promote independence among students, our Vocational and Career Education Program provides students with opportunities to develop new and meaningful vocational experiences on campus.

Student Apartment
Our full-scale, on-campus apartment allows students to engage with real-life living scenarios.

Innovation Lab
The new Innovation Lab is a space for students to experience STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) like never before.

Clubs and Activities
Students enjoy a diverse array of socialization activities to promote interaction and enjoyment of their community.