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Clubs and Activities

Clubs and ActivitiesWithin a culture of support, excellence and dignity, our students are given every opportunity to foster their unique abilities. In addition to a rigorous functional life skills curriculum, WPSBC students enjoy a diverse array of socialization activities to promote interaction and enjoyment in their community.

Our students can participate in drama club, social club, walking group, Boys’ or Girls’ Clubs, perform in annual holiday musical productions, go to prom, and take field trips to Kennywood, Pirates games, museums and other popular attractions. In addition, our popular on-campus Hilda M. Willis Creative Arts Series exposes students to a wide range of entertainers representing the fine, applied and performing arts. 

We also recognize the magnitude of our students’ entire family in the educational process. Students’ relatives have an opportunity to socialize and learn from each other through our Parent Teacher Organization, Parent Partnership Events, Grandparent Express Annual Events and Sibshop program for students’ siblings.