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Innovation Lab

Our new Innovation Lab is a space for students to experience STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) like never before. The key component of STEAM learning is integration, in which concepts are taught together in a way that shows how different subjects support and complement each other.


Featuring adapted materials and equipment for students with visual impairment, the Innovation Lab brings lessons to life and encourages curiosity and collaboration. The space invites students to engage and apply concepts in a deeper way through hands-on interdisciplinary classes using both low- and high-tech, from horticulture and aquaponics to 3D printers and multimedia tools.


For example, when learning about United States geography, students explore a tactile map and globe while watching interactive lessons on a smartboard. They create their own 3D representations of our nation’s topography, borders and water features using various materials.


With the Innovation Lab’s exceptional teachers, resources and tools, students can gain a new degree of agency and freedom as they become immersed in unique “real-world” learning experiences.

Innovation Lab