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Residential Program

Residential ProgramAt the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, nearly 25% of our students travel great distances to access our services. The School’s Residential Program, which operates Sunday evenings through Friday afternoons, is offered to those who live in outlying areas of our region.

On-campus living can have a tremendous impact on a child’s future success, development and overall well-being.

While we understand that on-campus living can be a difficult and emotional decision for parents, the compassionate, secure environment provided at our School aims to replicate a home-like atmosphere where all students can thrive. There are dorm rooms and lounges for the students to call home, an individualized dietary program and 24-hour qualified staff to look after them.

Our entire campus becomes a family unit. There are school functions, club meetings and activities that functionally support concepts and skills learned during the school day.

Both before and after dinner, afterschool programming blends teachable moments with group activities. Students might enjoy a performance by local musicians, participate in horticulture activities in the greenhouse, work on daily living skills in the Student Apartment, play T-ball in the gymnasium or benefit from creative expression with arts and crafts.

On Friday afternoons, the students leave campus residing at home for the weekend. Arriving back on campus on Sunday evenings, students begin another week of instruction, learning and socializing with friends.