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Since our founding in 1887, WPSBC has sought to enrich the education and lives of our students through the arts. Students benefit from specially tailored classes in the visual arts that are crafted to encourage skills development while instilling confidence and self-expression. 


In 2019, we developed an Arts Initiative to continue our longstanding tradition of quality art programming and enhance these expressive art opportunities for our students, all while fostering the transformative power of the arts through the following ways: 

  1. Engage "everyone as an artist" through innovative partnerships and learning opportunities. 
  2. Educate and increase awareness of the benefits and importance of the arts for students with visual impairment. 
  3. Transform our campus environment by showcasing student art and infusing additional artwork that recognizes the interests and visual needs of our audience.  

At our 2019 inaugural “Celebrate the Art of Learning” event, guests were treated to live music and a showcase of student-created and specially curated works of art.